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VVCC Bank| SMSBanking
RuPay Cum ATM Card

Important Information on VVCC RUPAY ATM-CUM-DEBIT CARD

  • Card will be issued to eligible Current & Savings Bank Account Holders.
  • Joint holder can also get add-on Card, upon payment of Rs.100/-
  • Usage of card at VVCC & HDFC BANK ATMs is free of charge.
  • Detains of charges at other Bank ATMs. (see Table)
  • Personal Accident coverage of Rs. 1,00,000/- to card-holder, provided card has been used within a period of 45 days prior to accident.
  • Rupay ATM-CUM-DEBIT Card is valid througnout India, and can be used at any POS/ATM of any bank and for e-payments.

CHARGES(Excluding Service Tax) Rs.
1 First Time Card Issuance Fee FREE
2 Additional Card(Add-on Card) 100.00
3 Card Replacement Fees 150.00
4 Annual Maintenance Charge(From second year onwards) 100.00
5 PIN Replacement charges 100.00
A) Financial(Cash withdrawal)VVCC BANK AND HDFC BANK ATM 0.00
Other BANK ATM 18.00
B) Non-Financial(Balance Enquiry, Mini Statement, Pin Change)WCC BANK AND HDFC BANK ATM 0.00
Other BANK ATM 5.00

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